Instant Method Finder : My first Coldfusion Builder extension!

I was in the process of evaluating CFbuilder to make it more effective among the team. what I was looking for was tips and tricks , Faster coding with shortcuts and snippets, make complete use of RDS and make use of Service Browser.

Then I got stuck with the same old problem all most all CF developers face “Finding the right function”. It is easy in technologies like .net with a ful fledged IDE to find methods or variables through out the project. But somewhere we had to wait centuries for Adobe to come up with CFB. Now we can look for the methods and variables in the page or instantiated component by doing a CTRL + SPACE. But that was’nt enough for me !. most of the time , I even dont know where I could find the right method. I have to scan through the service browser to find the function.
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Create coldfusion builder snippets from cflib repository

CF Builder Snippets is one among those cool features which comes handy when doing fast development on ColdFusion. But most of time I found it hard to create all those snippets which I could use later in my development, because they are so scattered around or so hard to find apart from one “Cflib.org”. Thanks to Raymen for creating such a cool repository for those community shared functions and custom tags.
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Tip:Difference between resistive and capacitive touch screen.

There are several touchscreen technologies available in the market these days. Out of them 2 are very popular with mobile phones and PDA’s . “Resistive”  and “Capacitive” touch screen.
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Why QR code is cool and easy with smartphones !!!!!

Early today during my usual blog updates. I stumbled upon the new jargon which is flying around with android and apple phones. “THE QR Code” or otherwise the “Hardlink”!.

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Tip : Getting unsorted query columns in coldfusion

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This one gave me a headache for 15 min, making all the possible tricks to make my query return the unsorted columns.

Generally Coldfusion always sort the columns in the query that has been returned, irrespective of the order you have specified in the SQL statement. Most of the time its a blessing, but not always.

There is no documented way to get the unsorted columns otherthan using some thirdparty customtags and function. But there is a tweak for this case.

Tweak #1
Use getMetaData() function to get the column list which is as per the sql statement which you have written.

<!--- use GetMetadata to get the names and data types of the fields in the
            cfdocexamples Employees table --->
<cfquery name="getemployees" datasource="cfdocexamples">
FROM Employees
<cfset employeemeta=getMetaData(getemployees)>
<h4>The Employees table has the following columns</h4>
<cfloop index="i" from="1" to="#arrayLen(employeemeta)#">

Use queryObj.getColumnNames() function to get the unsorted list of column from the query. this function is not documented in CF docs. Thanks to Richard

<cfset queryColumnlist = ArrayToList( qryObj.getColumnNames() )>

Tip : Show hide columns in cfdump

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Small tip for the day, In Coldfusion MX7 the CFdump was pritty much dump that it just do the variable dump and nothing more.

CF8 dump is much more capable like writing the dump out to file like i did in my last blog , plus you even can control the fields that you need to show or hide during the dump. This could pretty much save time when dumping big queries which contains long columns
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Tip : Using cfdump inside CFscript

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One simple tip for the day, How to use cfdump inside the cfscript block !!!

cfscript block does not support cfdump tag or indeed any tag inside it. So the trick is to create function which dumps the value using cfdump and call the function inside cfscript by passing the variable as parameter.
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What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality or in short AR is the term used to describe the mixture of real vs Virtual.  Its the real time mixing of virtual environment to a real world.


Coldfusion 9 : Feature improvement history

Check out the new Coldfusion 9 feature comparison with its predecessors which includes CF8 and MX7. PDF download at the bottom of content.
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Ask Neo: What is Digitization?

Today somebody asked me the question on the definition of Digitization specific to computer projects.

So I went back to my seat and did my googling and found some simple paragraphs defining Project Digitization.
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